A Letter to Our Valued Customers

Rishi Shah, Founder & CEO
November 8, 2017

Over the last few weeks you’ve likely read our response to media coverage that I hope demonstrates our commitment to integrity, accuracy and transparency. We have systems in place that ensure you are receiving accurate, independently verified confirmation about the performance of your current campaigns. Any operational issues that existed in the past are being addressed and resolved; we have new people, processes, and systems in place and continue to strive for operational excellence.

The allegation that some of our employees previously provided inaccurate or misleading information to our customers is deeply troubling and remains a priority for us to resolve. As you know, we immediately initiated an independent review by the law firm Winston & Strawn when we became aware of these allegations. This review is under way and we have full confidence that under Dan Webb’s leadership, the findings will be comprehensive, objective, and thorough. While it is ongoing, we have already taken steps to protect our customers’ trust in the platform and removed the employees from the daily business pending the completion of the review.

While our focus is on restoring trust in Outcome Health and providing the highest level of service for our customers, I do want to address an inaccurate statement that The Wall Street Journal had to correct: There is no allegation that Shradha and I took out dividends from the company after a recent funding round, and we certainly did not do that. We thank The Wall Street Journal for running a correction to set that record straight.

Instead, we set aside capital within our corporate structure that could have been distributed to shareholders. If there are any questions about whether we fully believe in the future of our business, we think these actions speak much louder than any words. In fact, when our investors learned of our plans to use this money for important business purposes, they went to court because they preferred to have the funds kept for themselves rather than invested in the further capitalization of the company.

We created Outcome Health because we recognized the power of creating meaningful and impactful engagement with patients at the point of care, and we remain committed to our mission: activating better health outcomes for every person in the world. To achieve this end, we are constantly investing in people processes and technology as we strive to set an even higher standard for ourselves and the industry. We appreciate your support and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you,

Rishi Shah
Founder & CEO


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