A moment to think about breast cancer

Outcome Health and Bright Pink deliver risk assessments to consultation rooms around the country

At the age of 22, Lindsay Avner tested positive for a mutation on the BRCA 1 gene. With this diagnosis, she faced a nearly 90% chance of developing breast cancer. Within a year, she became the youngest woman in the country at the time to undergo a risk-reducing double mastectomy.

While she navigated her own crisis, Avner recognized hers was just one piece of a much larger story. One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, and all women have at least a 12 percent lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. In 2007, Avner founded Bright Pink as the only national non-profit organization focused on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.

In 2015, Bright Pink built a digital tool called Assess Your Risk, which offers a personalized, baseline risk assessment. The following year, the organization partnered with Outcome Health to deliver the Assess Your Risk tool via Outcome’s patient-facing platform – the digital exam room tablet – to 6,500 OBGYN offices across the country.

In the first few months of the Assess Your Risk deployment, more than 6,000 women assessed their risk on the Outcome platform before the consultation. Sixty-nine percent of women who took the Assess Your Risk diagnostic reported that they were likely to discuss results with their provider, and 70% indicated that they were likely to follow through with at least one recommendation from the results.

By delivering the Assess Your Risk diagnostic right to the exam room, Bright Pink and Outcome Health are, together, leveraging the power of the Outcome platform to arm legions of women at the critical moments of care with exactly the information they need to initiate a potentially life-saving conversation.

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