A Risk Worth Testing

In collaboration with the American Medical Association, Outcome Health empowers patients to identify prediabetes risk and connect with clinically-proven diabetes prevention programs

Prediabetes affects over 80 million Americans. Yet, 90% of those affected don’t know they have the condition. That is because prediabetes often shows no outward symptoms, and is marked only by intermediately high blood sugar. Without intervention, prediabetes is likely to progress into type 2 diabetes within ten years. However, if preventative lifestyle changes are made, the condition is easily slowed or even reversed.

Like other preventable conditions, the most effective treatment for prediabetes is a combination of information and action.  Patients need to know what prediabetes is and whether they’re at risk, and then they need to have a conversation with their physician about making the appropriate lifestyle changes. Outcome Health recently collaborated with the American Medical Association to deliver this information to patients in the moments of care through interactive technology.

Outcome Health’s suite of products allow patients to have a curated conversation with physicians about their risk of prediabetes and diabetes. Upon entering the waiting room, information displayed on the Digital Waiting Room Screen alerts patients to the nature and potential dangers of prediabetes. When the patient enters the consultation room, they have the opportunity to take a prediabetes risk assessment on the Digital Exam Room Tablet. In addition to the risk test, the Digital Exam Room Tablet gives patients access to actionable information about how to reverse prediabetes and frequently asked questions about the condition. Finally, physicians can use prediabetes education materials from the American Medical Association on the Digital Anatomy Wallboard when discussing treatment options with their patients.

In June 2017, Outcome Health began piloting the prediabetes program in 1,000 doctors offices across four states. By providing these tools at the moment of care, Outcome Health and the American Medical Association aim to empower patients to identify their prediabetes risk, create productive conversations with providers and enable physicians to refer at-risk patients to clinically-proven diabetes prevention programs.

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