At the Heart of the Matter

Life-saving treatment information drives higher adoption and adherence rates

Millions of Americans suffer from cardiovascular disease, costing well over $300 billion in annual healthcare expenditures and lost productivity. While cardiovascular disease is dangerous if left unchecked, certain treatments can be used to effectively manage the condition when paired with lifestyle changes.

A leading life sciences company recently developed a ground-breaking treatment for combating a particular cardiovascular condition. In clinical trials, this treatment significantly outperformed other available treatments in keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital. Despite the proven effectiveness of this treatment and rigorous sales efforts, the company still struggled to increase new patient adoption rates and bolster patient adherence to their prescription regimen.

To address these challenges, the life sciences company partnered with Outcome Health to bring treatment information to physicians, patients and caregivers in cardiology and primary care waiting rooms and exam rooms via Outcome Health’s platform. A study was conducted to assess the impact of this partnership on prescription writing behavior.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. In practices with Outcome Health’s platform, 25% more new patients started the treatment compared to a non-exposed control group. In practices that the company’s salesforce couldn’t reach, the promotional content brought a 2x increase in new-patients-to-brand. The dramatic increase in new-patients-to-brand reinforces that Outcome Health’s platform can both complement and extend the reach of a company’s salesforce.

The impact on patient adherence was equally impressive. Offices exposed to Outcome Health’s content experienced an 11% increase in continuing prescriptions. Improved patient adherence is a meaningful metric for any life sciences company, and it’s an especially valuable outcome for patients with serious chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, where adherence to therapy can mean the difference between life or death.

Together, Outcome Health and its life science partner were able to drive measurable improvements in the adoption and adherence of a life-saving therapy, moving another step forward in the mission to improve health outcomes for patients around the world.