Create a Culture of Feedback

We want everyone to be responsible and empowered to constructively criticize anyone or anything else, no matter their position at the company.

Strengths Based Leadership Made Easy

At Outcome Health, we regard strengths based leadership to be a pillar of our management strategy– here are some of the ways we implement it across our organization.

Building a Management Team

Outcome Health believes building someone’s management potential is a highly valued skill, and we expect current managers to help develop our management team by identifying leadership skills in their employees, thus cultivating their management potential.

Build a Better Brainstorming Session: Onboarding ‘Hacks’

The first week of a new job is an incredibly valuable time, both for new employee development and company innovation. At Outcome Health, we maximize this time by having new-hires (we call our employees “Activators”) participate in cross-departmental ‘hacks.’