Outcome Health’s Commitment to Operational Excellence

Outcome Health is deeply committed to customer success. We know that it is only together with our customers that we can achieve our mission: activating better health outcomes for every person in the world. To help our customers succeed, we are constantly investing in people, processes and technology as we strive to set an ever higher standard of operational excellence for ourselves and for our rapidly growing industry.

For us, operational excellence means:

  1. Putting our customers first
    Customer success is our number one priority. We are enhancing our campaign monitoring and reporting programs because our clients’ trust is essential to us, and we work to earn that trust every day. We strive to overdeliver on customer service because we have seen the results: with effective health information at the point-of-care, patients, providers and caregivers can make the best health decision possible every time.
  2. Leading the industry in transparency, accuracy and reporting
    As the largest platform in the point-of-care industry, we are leading the way in defining robust standards for verification, validation and reporting, including the development of a comprehensive campaign-level auditing framework. We recently received the point-of-care industry’s first independent certification of our platform in accordance with the BPA Worldwide rules for audience qualification and IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) guidelines for impression measurement from BPA’s iCompli division. Effective September 2017, we are making third-party, campaign-level auditing available for every campaign on our network.
  3. Expanding our network & validating our results
    We are helping our customers succeed while connecting patients with life-saving and life-enhancing health information thanks to our network of over 140,000 digital devices. We have engaged with two leading third-party media auditors – Nielsen and BPA Worldwide – to validate our network reach and audience profiling and will share their findings when they are complete.
  4. Investing in our future  
    Our investments in technology are giving customers even greater transparency, predictability and accuracy for their point-of-care investment. As we grow, we will continue to put the management structures and operational processes in place that provide our clients with the customer service and quality results they deserve.
  5. Pioneering point-of-care advancements with our customers  
    We commit to having the courage to tackle the unsolved challenges of the point-of-care industry, recognizing that we may not have all the answers ourselves but confident that, together with our customer and our industry partners, we will activate good and meaningfully effect better health outcomes for patients around the world.