Outcome Health and the Changing POC Landscape

At Outcome Health, we see and hear about the impact in point-of-care (POC) marketing every single day. From healthcare provider testimonials to patient success stories, our platform serves as a powerful advertising tool for healthcare’s most recognized brands. According to the Vitals 8th Annual Wait Times Report, most patients wait about 20 minutes before seeing their doctor; therefore these moments are exceptionally valuable for delivering healthcare information to the people who need it most.

In 2016, point-of-care marketing made up about 10% of direct-to-consumer messaging in pharma. Due to the value of the channel, the industry is projected to see 15% year over year growth through 2020.

A recent whitepaper by ZS describes several factors supporting the growth and impact of point-of-care marketing.

Expanding access to point-of-care messaging: Outcome Health’s platform has a presence in almost 20% of doctors’ offices in the United States, impacting millions of patient visits in a year. In May 2017, Outcome Health raised nearly $500 million to help expand its resources and devices into more physicians’ offices across the country. This effort contributes to the work that POC companies have been doing to extend their reach. In 2014, the leading vendors offered access to approximately 24,000 physicians’ offices. Now in 2018, Outcome Health alone has grown to 41,242 physician offices.

New digital point-of-care solutions: According to the Medical Marketing & Media Healthcare Marketers 2017 Trend Report, 36% of pharma brand marketers expect to increase their POC marketing spending in 2018. Part of this increase could be tied to to the increased POC footprint of new digital channels in U.S. physicians’ offices. Outcome Health’s suite of products include waiting room TVs, exam room tablets, touchscreen wallboards, infusion room tablets and patient Wi-Fi. These digital solutions not only offer brands more ways to engage with patients, but also extend the reach and impact of the brand’s digital assets. For example, in the recently updated infusion room tablet, patients can easily access entertainment, clinical trials, treatment resources and condition videos while healthcare providers can add custom links to important resources like portals and surveys. Featured brands have the opportunity for ad placement and patients can easily click through to web content and other important treatment information. As told to ZS, “Leveraging technology during the moment of care to inform and empower patients in the minutes before, during and after their consultation has a measurable impact on the patient/doctor discussion as well as treatment adoption,” said Nancy Phelan, Outcome’s senior vice president of commercial growth.

Evolving point-of-care strategy: As POC expands beyond the waiting room, the messages and content shared across every channel needs to align and evolve respectively. At Outcome Health, brand partners can work with O/Studio, our in-house strategic and creative agency with expertise working with pharmaceutical and lifestyle brands/agencies. O/Studio’s creative is tailored to each point along the patient journey and speaks to both the health care provider  and patient at the same time. By creating  customized messaging for the moment of care, brands can maximize their impact and inspire action.

In addition to expanding access and evolving strategies, POC companies must also set the standard for operational excellence. In September 2017, Outcome Health received the industry’s first independent certification for audience qualification. As the largest platform in the point-of-care industry, Outcome Health is setting the standard for verification, validation and reporting. Our team has a deep understanding of the competitive environment and offers brand activation tools for our clients. We employ a tech-first approach with systematic, automatic and transparent processes. Outcome Health campaigns are BPA certified and qualified via monthly reporting and near real-time optimizations. We continue to make great strides as we work towards our mission of activating better health outcomes for every person in the world. We are constantly investing in people, processes and technology as we strive to set an ever higher standard of operational excellence for ourselves and for our rapidly expanding industry. We are transforming our business in our commitment to our brand partners.

For an even deeper dive into the world of POC marketing, check out this infographic by ZS.  

About the ZS Experts
Hensley Evans is a principal in ZS’s New York office and is the leader of ZS’s consumer and patient marketing practice. Hensley has worked with many of the world’s top healthcare, biopharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods brands to offer strategic direction and insight.
Victoria Summers is an associate principal in ZS’s New York office with more than 18 years of experience leading marketing initiatives and implementing pharmaceutical marketing analytics and strategy. She focuses on patient marketing strategy and helping clients make data-driven strategic decisions.