Individual stories of positive impact on healthcare

Trial and Success

Patients access high impact clinical trials information during health decision making

Understanding Treatment Goals

Dr. Botsoglou reveals that fully-educated patients are more likely to pursue treatment options

Staying On Message

Outcome Health partnered with the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, and ICF to bring patient support tools to the moments of care and beyond

A Risk Worth Testing

In collaboration with the American Medical Association, Outcome Health empowers patients to identify prediabetes risk and connect with clinically-proven diabetes prevention programs

The Best Medicine

Natalie Hayden's life changed when she was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in July 2005. But instead of letting that moment define her, she proudly shares her story to connect the patient community.

At the Heart of the Matter

Life-saving treatment information drives higher adoption and adherence rates

Fighting the Silent Epidemic

In-office awareness messaging drives hepatitis C testing for better outcomes

Great Patient Expectations

Dr. Manoj Mehta uses technology to meet the new communication expectations of patients

“Part of being a doctor is being a teacher”

Dr. Jason Yip on why a picture is worth a thousand words