Reflections From My First Month At Outcome Health

Daryl Gaugler
Senior Vice President, Life Science Solutions

Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse

Twenty years ago I was fortunate enough to create an organization that changed how the life sciences industry brought treatments to market. Through hard work, innovation, and a dedication to delivering measurable results, the company positively impacted the lives of millions of patients.

Changes in the healthcare marketplace have transformed the dynamics around how physicians and the life sciences interact. The traditional model of combining detailing and DTC is not sustainable, so we must rethink the way we bring information into health decision making in order to ensure that patients have access to the critical treatment information they need.

When I first learned about Outcome Health, I was taken aback by the company’s understanding of the rapid changes in the healthcare ecosystem. By consistently listening to the needs of patients, providers, caregivers, the life sciences, and all the other players in healthcare, and addressing these needs with measurable outcomes, Outcome Health is building solutions to not only solve for today, but for the next 10+ years. This is changing how health decisions are made in the consultation and is improving the lives of millions of patients and caregivers. There are few times in your career that you have the opportunity to change an industry and that was the primary driver of my decision to join Outcome Health.

After meeting and collaborating with some of the brightest, most empathetic and hardest working people that I have ever met, I am convinced that this presents the opportunity to again be part of a team that has the focus and ability to create positive outcomes for patients at scale. I believe that one day, every Outcome Health Activator will be able to say that they were part of THE company that changed the way healthcare does business.


Daryl GauglerDaryl Gaugler is Senior Vice President, Life Science Solutions at Outcome Health, where he engages with clients across the life sciences industry to deliver information and innovation into health decision making for measurable outcomes.

Daryl brings decades of experience in life sciences innovation and investing to Outcome Health. Most recently, he was President of North America Commercial Solutions at Quintiles Transnational. Before his tenure at Quintiles, Daryl served as SVP, Head of Commercialization at NovaQuest.