Information and intelligence to inspire positive patient outcomes

Digital Waiting Room Screen

The Digital Waiting Room Screen engages patients and caregivers with a robust library of more than 11,000 videos featuring specialty-specific and educational health content from over 100 medical associations and content partners.

Digital Exam Room Tablet

The Exam Room Tablet brings individuals in the consultation room personalized information in the critical moments before they speak to their provider. The interactive platform delivers practice information, condition & treatment options and health assessments that empowers them to take ownership of their health.

Clinical Research Solutions

We engage patients with clinical trial education at the moment of care to increase awareness and participation in clinical trials.

Digital Anatomy Board

With over 80 unique pieces of health content, the Digital Anatomy Board delivers intelligence to the consultation so that providers can better communicate conditions and treatment options. With access to targeted information including interactive anatomical renderings, physicians, patients and caregivers are empowered to make better health decisions together.

Patient Wi-Fi

By way of Wi-Fi access, Patient Mobile brings targeted messaging to individuals on their personal devices to guide them as they make treatment decisions in the waiting and consultation room.

Infusion Room Tablet

The Infusion Room Tablet provides a supportive experience for patients while they receive infusion treatment. With interactive access to entertainment and information on treatment and condition management, the Infusion Room Tablet can help create a more comfortable environment for the patient.


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