Supporting relationships through technology

Dr. Neil Baum shares how interactive video can optimize moments of care

Dr. Neil Baum, a urologist and professor of clinical urology in New Orleans, sees 35-40 patients in an average day. He believes in building relationships with his patients and educating them about their conditions, in service of achieving good health outcomes. At the same time, as population demand for healthcare increases, he is expected to treat more patients than ever, while providing the same level of care.

Like many physicians, it was top of mind to resolve this tension in order to get the most out of every moment of care with his patients.

In 2015, Dr. Baum implemented the Outcome Health platform in his office and the tools have had a measurable impact on his ability to educate patients and improve efficiencies. For example, by using the Digital Anatomy Board as an interactive visual aid during consultations, Dr. Baum has reduced the time it takes to explain a common urological procedure from 12 minutes to less than five minutes. With the power of Outcome Health’s educational platform to support his practice and his patients, Dr. Baum believes he is seeing a direct impact on a patient’s compliance, overall patient satisfaction, and long-term health outcomes.

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