The Genius of Play Partners with Outcome Health to Educate Patients on the Importance of Play

Families Visiting Pediatrician Offices Across the U.S. Will Learn Facts about Play and Discover Fun Play Ideas

New York, NY – June 15, 2018 – The Genius of Play, a national movement to raise awareness about play’s critical role in child development and encourage more play in children’s lives, today announced its partnership with Outcome Health, a technology company that provides education at the moment of care to improve health outcomes. Through this partnership, The Genius of Play will provide content to air on waiting room TVs and digital wallboards in exam rooms in more than 200 pediatric offices across the U.S.

“The waiting room of a doctor’s office is an ideal place to reach parents and educate them on the importance of play,” said Anna Yudina, director of marketing initiatives at The Toy Association, the organization that spearheads The Genius of Play. “Given the average wait time to see a doctor is 20 minutes, The Genius of Play’s videos and infographics will help make the wait go faster by offering parents information about the role of play in healthy child development, as well as fun play ideas that have lifelong benefits for kids.”

As families wait for a doctor to see them, the exam room wallboard will display facts about the importance of play and direct them to The Genius of Play website for play ideas that they can utilize while they wait. features free, fun, and easy play ideas, sortable by a child’s age and benefit of play.

“Research shows that through play, children learn how to interact with others and reach critical developmental milestones,” said Renee Tulenko, senior vice president at Outcome Health. “By partnering with The Genius of Play, Outcome Health can reach parents across the country with this research, and arm them with information around the importance of play.”

The program will run from June 15 to September 15. For additional information and play ideas, visit


About The Genius of Play
The Genius of Play is a national movement to raise awareness of play’s vital role in child development, spearheaded by the Toy Association. Deeply rooted in research and facts, The Genius of Play is a leading resource on the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional benefits of play that serve children throughout their lives. The Genius of Play enables today’s busy parents and caretakers to use the power of play to help raise a happier, healthier, and more productive next generation. Visit for easily accessible play ideas and tips, expert advice, and other play resources. It’s More Than Play!

About Outcome Health
Outcome Health’s mission is to activate the best health outcome possible for every person in the world through technology that impacts behaviors to positively shape the human condition. Founded in 2006, Outcome Health serves health information and health intelligence during critical moments of care to enable patients and physicians to make the best healthcare decision possible. Across the country, Outcome Health has over 150,000 digital devices and a presence in over 40,000 physician offices and health systems in its BPA certified network.

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