Trial and Success

Patients access high impact clinical trials information during health decision making

Lack of enrollment is a major contributor to the staggering length, cost, and failure rate of clinical trials today. It takes an average of $2.6 billion and 15 years to develop and receive approval for a new drug in the United States. Despite this massive investment, 11% of clinical trials will never enroll a single patient, and 81% will suffer delays due to incomplete recruitment enrollment.

Recruiting for clinical trials is particularly challenging because the target audience is so specific. However, the unique breadth and accuracy of Outcome Health’s platform make it efficient for life science companies to reach specialty-specific audiences, and for patients to access clinical trial information pertinent to their conditions.

In a recent, four month-long case-study, Outcome Health’s platform provided 5.5 million impressions and 2,800 engagements for a client life science company looking to boost enrollment in their clinical trial, and patients who visited the client’s website spent an average of thirty seconds engaging with the available information.

According to a recent study by ResearchAmerica, 86% of Americans agreed that discussions about clinical trials should be a part of standard care. An additional 55% said that they do not participate in clinical trials because of a lack of awareness or information. Outcome Health’s platform serves as a bridge connecting patients looking for treatment information with the relevant clinical trials that are available.

“Outcome Health is leveraging its proven digital platform to unclog the age-old bottleneck. For the first time, the life sciences can access a patient-centric, technology-at-scale platform to deliver the right clinical trial content at the right time,” Don Butler, SVP, Clinical Research Solutions at Outcome Health.