Why I Joined Outcome Health | Nandini Ramani


"From facilitating better decision making to improving clinical workflow, I can see the trajectory and the impact that our platform can have on society. I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and build. Let’s get started."

Nandini Ramani
Chief Engineering Officer

The day I learned about Outcome Health, I was intrigued to discover that it had a female co-founder, Shradha Agarwal. I have spent my career championing women in tech and working to create opportunity for them. I needed to talk to her to find out more.

In the course of my first conversation with Shradha, I learned about the amazing work Outcome Health is doing to transform healthcare, everyday. In addition to having a strong female founder, Outcome Health’s mission resonated with me.  I’ve strived to be part of organizations that drive impact at scale, and that seek to change the way people get information, which is how I ended up at Twitter. At Outcome Health, the impact is tangible and deeply meaningful, because healthcare affects every person.

We are all patients, and at the moment of care, we should have access to all the relevant information we need to make the most important decisions of our lives. Outcome Health’s combination of mission focus and scale of impact made it a special place.

By the end of the conversation, I realized Outcome Health was exactly where I wanted to be.

There is much room for improvement in healthcare.  The experience can be slow and archaic. There’s no reason why I should visit my doctor and have all the information exchanged by pen and paper, especially when my doctor is in Silicon Valley, surrounded by life-changing innovation just beyond the walls of the office!  Outcome Health is capturing the sizable opportunity to bring technology to the healthcare experience so that patients, physicians and caregivers have all the information and intelligence they need to make the most informed health decisions at the moments of care.

So what am I going to do now that I am here?

First, my teams are spending time in physician offices to understand the experience of the end user. We are putting ourselves in the patients’ shoes so that engineering, product and design can fully understand the consumer experience. Despite the fact that more than 50 percent of consumers are women, we continue to be underrepresented in business and technology. I am committed to ensuring that women are involved in the growth and development of our products and services so that we can build with empathy for all consumers.

We’ll also meet with and listen to our industry clients to gain perspective from every stakeholder in order to understand how technology can transform the experience in the moments of care, and deliver measureable outcomes for all.

Outcome Health was one of first companies I’d seen that’s taking a practical, data-driven approach to improving healthcare, and at a meaningful scale. By measuring and iterating, we can use data to support our decisions to ensure we’re making the greatest impact for the most amount of people, bringing life-saving treatments to patients who need it.

From facilitating better decision making to improving clinical workflow, I can see the trajectory and the impact that our platform can have on society. I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and build. Let’s get started.


Nandini Ramani is Chief Engineering Officer at Outcome Health, where she scales and strengthens the technology platform and hardware that enable physicians to better discuss diagnoses and treatments with patients.

Nandini has extensive experience leading both hardware and software engineering teams, which is expertise she will have the opportunity to combine at Outcome Health. She was previously at Twitter, leading engineering effectiveness for the social media company’s 1,300-person technical organization. Before this, Nandini led the $320M Java business unit for Oracle, and previously served as Senior Director of the Client Software Group at Sun Microsystems.