Why I Joined Outcome Health | Nancy Phelan


"I recently joined Outcome Health because its moment of care digital platform is the next frontier in improving the way we experience healthcare."

Nancy Phelan
Commercial Partner 

I recently made the decision to join the fastest growing digital health tech company in the industry. After working for decades in bio-pharma, this may seem like a significant change, but as I’ve gotten to know Outcome Health’s team, I saw that the work, mission and potential for impact was something very familiar to me.

The pace of change and innovation in healthcare is picking up speed everyday. In recent years, we’ve seen amazing progress in better understanding disease and creating new breakthrough therapies to treat and prevent even the most widespread chronic conditions. The pace of change in digital has also been explosive and touches our lives in just about everything we do.  So it’s surprising to see that the moment of care — that core experience of the doctor-patient visit — hasn’t kept up with this pace of change.

I’ve spent much of my career thinking about how to make the most of the patient-physician relationship, but we all know there’s still a long way to go. The entire health ecosystem looks for hope and heroics in the moments of care, and all too often the experience falls short. As a caretaker, I’ve spent many anxious hours in waiting and exam rooms with my 103-year old grandmother – time spent thinking about what the future of care experience could be.

My tenure in bio-pharma gave me the opportunity to lead amazing teams focused on how to reach patients and improve access to information. It seems like just yesterday my team and I were launching the first branded banner ad and first gaming app in pharma! Time and again, I’ve seen the power of the customer experience as a driver of innovation and have made it the focus of my career.

I recently joined Outcome Health because its moment of care digital platform is the next frontier in improving the way we experience healthcare. Outcome Health is rapidly and consistently innovating to find better ways to reach, engage and support health decision making at the moment of care. The power of this digital platform is in its ability to personalize information and aggregate usage and engagement data from the products to help the entire health ecosystem – from clinical experts to the life sciences to payers and more – optimize and improve that experience so that they can achieve better outcomes.

Strong collaborations with leading organizations like the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and the Mayo Clinic, enable Outcome Health to bring expert information and digital tools to patients, caregivers and physicians alike.  For people like myself and my grandmother, this means that the healthcare experience of the future can be different. Together with our partners spanning advocacy organizations, bio-pharma and our agency partners, we’re building a better moment of care experience at Outcome Health today with an ambition to continue to grow and innovate.


Nancy Phelan

Nancy Phelan serves as SVP of Life Sciences Commercial Growth at Outcome Health, where she helps drive success and innovation with top industry clients. Nancy brings over two decades of global commercial leadership experience in bio-pharma to Outcome Health, with deep expertise in leading customer marketing, building winning commercial capabilities and achieving operational efficiencies. Most recently she worked as Head of Worldwide Commercial Operations at Bristol-Meyers Squibb, where she led the organization that delivered an industry record 130+ worldwide launches in one year. Previously she served in various commercial leadership roles at Wyeth (now Pfizer), and was named to Pharmaceutical Executive’s Emerging Leaders list.