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October 2018

The Outcome Lounge at Digital Pharma East

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Outcome Health attended Digital Pharma East and the team provided insightful commentary on the event, the conversations had, and the role Outcome Health will play in the future of healthcare.

Last week, Outcome Health attended Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia, PA. In the days following, we asked the team to reflect on our time in Philly and to provide insightful commentary on the event, the conversations had, and the role Outcome Health will play in the future of healthcare. Here are our thoughts.

Nerves came into play as we prepared for Day 1

Matt McNally, Chief Executive Officer
Returning to the conference circuit after the year we’ve had, I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge the nervousness we felt. But from those who stopped by our Outcome Lounge to the people we spoke with between speaker sessions, the message was clear: everyone wants us to come back. The point of care space has few players and a finite amount of inventory (it’s taken 12 years for Outcome Health to acquire the provider network that we have); therefore, clients are interested in learning how they can be part of our point of care innovation.

There was a recurring theme of aligning innovation with business objectives…

Matthew Crandall, SVP, Life Science Solutions 
Even though POC has continued to grow over the last 20 years, there are many in the industry who have little knowledge of the companies leading innovation. The best part about conferences like DPE is it exposes us to marketing managers on the hunt for the next big thing in healthcare. The market is ripe for us, especially now that many are considering cutting TV and investing those dollars elsewhere. It’s our job to explain that point of care is where brands should spend to truly reach patients when they’re making decisions about their health.

…and finding partners to bring these innovations to life.

Vikram Agadi, Director of Marketing and O/Studio
Because pharma is so heavily regulated, it is consistently behind other industries when it comes to advertising innovation. The keynote session featuring Nancy Nolan of Merck and Danielle Salowski of Facebook Health addressed this reality head on. The two entities knew that the success of their “Get Versed” HPV awareness campaign depended on its launch via Instagram; therefore, it was imperative that Merck’s MLR team was familiar with the platform. Thankfully they were already proponents of Instagram, which made the review process faster so the campaign could launch on time. Every innovator can learn from this. To win over key stakeholders, you must demonstrate the absolute need for your products and service.

Judy Klein, President of UNITY Consortium
Our partnership with Outcome Health allows us to capture the attention of parents when they’re at the doctor’s’ office and raise awareness for immunizations that are critical for their teens’ health.

Our conversations confirmed the value we provide for patients…

Everyone can agree that discussing health conditions is so complicated, and our digital tools like the 3D anatomical models help patients both comprehend their condition and understand their treatment options.

Those meeting us for the first time were blown away by our technology, especially after walking them through our consultation mode on the digital wallboard. Many folks put themselves in the shoes of the patient (because we’ve all been there) and could see how helpful our devices are at POC.

…healthcare professionals

Tony Gromada, Strategic Account Executive 
Our technology allows doctors to provide patients and caregivers with relevant content before the consultation, so they can have more meaningful conversations during their time together.

…and the point of care space as a whole.

Steve Hatten, Senior Director, Life Science Solutions
Linda Ruschau from Patient Point reinforced the value of point of care, and the impact of having a presence directly at the moment when critical decisions are made and where prescribing takes place. She referenced many of the same data points that we highlight (the ZS Associates report that patients in their physician’s office are 84% more likely to ask their doctor about an ad they saw, and 64% asked for a prescription for a specific medication) – it’s encouraging to see players in the space speaking the same language.

Historically, healthcare players have taken the latest in technology, social media, etc. and tried to force a connection. From what I gathered at DPE, it now feels like most of the vendors and platforms have analyzed the healthcare issues they are trying to solve and are creating solutions that are most relevant for the end user (the patient). This evolution is exactly what the industry needs.

Jennifer Protacio, Senior Director of Life Science Solutions
Dante Gaudio from Healthline Media emphasized that as industry leaders, we must ensure that authenticity is central to everything we do. Patients don’t need to be bombarded with messages reminding them of their condition or disease – I see a huge opportunity for Outcome Health to become more “human-centric” through the content we deliver across our network.

We left feeling up to the challenge to do more

Heidi Anderson, Chief Growth Officer
We have the opportunity and obligation to create an impactful experience for patients, caregivers and providers because Outcome Health sits at the most personal, vulnerable, and powerful point of the health journey. As we look to transform a young and nascent segment of healthcare, we must continue to listen to our clients and evolve our product offering so that we aren’t lumped into the outdated brochure-space.

For the most part, everyone is trying to help move the healthcare industry forward.  However, I feel we are too distracted by shiny objects, and technology – sure there are trends like VR, telemedicine and voice, but nothing can take the place of the doctor and patient physical relationship. There’s an emotional and marketing opportunity [at POC] that’s far different than any other industry. We often hear from brand agencies,”Wouldn’t it be great if we could just walk in with the patient, to help them have the confidence to ask questions about a product that could save their life?” Well that’s essentially what Outcome Health is doing. We’re building solutions to facilitate the conversation between doctor and patient. The diverse perspectives and capabilities of our team is one of the main reasons I joined Outcome Health. We truly have an opportunity to knit together our experiences and strengths to build incredible solutions.

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