The Exam Room Tablet is designed for use by patients to access educational content while they wait for their appointment to begin.

Exam Room Tablet Overview

Strengthen the patient-physician relationship
with the Exam Room Tablet

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Engage Your Patients

The Exam Room Tablet provides specialized, condition-specific content for patients in the exam room to help inform them about health topics relevant to their lives.

Drive Productive Consultations

Patients can select videos related to their specific health care needs immediately before speaking with their physician, reminding them of what questions or topics they need to discuss.

Encourage Healthy Patient Behavior

The Exam Room Tablet educates patients and encourages them to take the appropriate steps to live happier and healthier lives through videos about their conditions and treatment options, as well as nutrition and fitness tips.

Personalized Content by Practice

Feature customized content and messaging that will be displayed on the Exam Room Tablet to patients while
they wait.

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