The Exam Room Wallboard is an interactive platform for physicians to communicate more effectively with their patients.

Exam Room Wallboard Overview

cord blood, hepatitis, diabetes and cholesterol resources on Exam Room Wallboard

Improve every patient consultation

Communicate More Efficiently

Physicians can easily and effectively describe medical diagnoses to patients and caregivers with the Exam Room Wallboard so they can have more time providing personalized care.

Interactive Experience

Through the Exam Room Wallboard’s touchscreen display, physicians can select, rotate, zoom, and annotate anatomical and condition-specific illustrations.

Increase Patient Understanding

Physicians can provide patients with an in-depth look at their health through condition-specific and anatomical 3D models, including different condition stages and treatment options.

Boost Practice Awareness

Personalized slides can be added to the Exam Room Wallboard to increase awareness of office policies, public service announcements, and staff biographies.

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