In recent months, Outcome Health developed resources so that our provider partners can get the most out of their patient communication platform. We continue to build HCP support tools and enhancements to improve workflow for our healthcare providers and help save them time. 

During this COVID-19 crisis, as guidelines and social restrictions were put into place, certain tools which offer remote support to our healthcare providers and front line workers have proven to be particularly valuable.

Improve the Patient Experience

Outcome Health Member Portal

The Member Portal makes it easy to efficiently manage your individual office needs and better serve your patients.

One of these tools is a new on-demand Member Portal, which is now available to all of our provider partners. Medical staff can now easily request high-value content for their Outcome Health devices (like COVID-19 educational materials) and access educational materials on how to use and maintain their devices. The portal also gives healthcare providers a way to keep track of their devices across multiple offices and allows for staff to request device updates online as their needs change. With the Member Portal, healthcare providers can spend more time with their patients and ensure they are getting the maximum value out of their Outcome Health platform. 

Benefits of the Outcome Health Member Portal

  • Designed to meet the needs of every staff member using Outcome Health’s platform
  • Greater visibility and access to support for your Outcome Health devices and content
  • A more efficient way to manage your practice’s needs
  • On-demand, remote service to provide you the flexibility you need

Features of the Outcome Health Member Portal 

  • View personalized content currently playing on your devices
  • Choose from over 100 templates to quickly add personalized content to your devices
  • View the status of your devices and access troubleshooting resources
  • View the status of your open requests
  • Manage device settings like volume or hours

Request access now! Already a user, login at 


Want to support patients during the most important moments of their health journey? Bring Outcome Health to your practice. 

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