This article is written by Black Mental Wellness, one of the participants in “Share the Scope.” 

Black Mental Wellness, Corp participated in Outcome Health’s “Share the Scope” social media campaign to introduce new voices and perspectives in the advocacy of healthcare. We had the honor of taking over Ad Council’s Twitter account, to introduce our organization to a new audience and to highlight all the ways that our organization is working to reduce mental health disparities in the Black community.  We appreciate the opportunity provided through #SharetheScope to have our voices amplified and to discuss something that we are so passionate about, Black mental health.  Here is a recap of the information we shared as part of the campaign.    

Black Mental Wellness

Black Mental Wellness is a corporation of licensed Clinical Psychologists who are passionate about addressing mental health and wellness concerns specific to the Black community. Our team consists of Dr. Nicole Cammack (President/CEO), Dr. Danielle Busby (VP of Professional Relations and Liaison), Dr. Dana Cunningham (VP of Community Outreach and Engagement), and Dr. Jessica Henry (VP of Program Development and Evaluation). Together, we lead trainings and workshops for corporations and community programs; we develop culturally informed programs and curriculum; we provide consultation services; and we are available for a range of speaking engagements.

Black Mental Wellness

The Black Mental Wellness team (from left to right: Dr. Jessica Henry, Dr. Nicole Cammack, Dr. Dana Cunningham and Dr. Danielle Busby).

Our Mission

The mission of Black Mental Wellness is to provide culturally sensitive resources related to Black mental health and wellness, increase the diversity of mental health professionals, and to decrease the mental health stigma in the Black community. We do this by providing Black mental health and wellness resources on our website, highlighting diverse mental health professionals and wellness advocates on our website and social media platforms, and through leading a National Training program of graduate and undergraduate students. Our training program aims to make a direct impact on diversifying the next generation of mental health and behavioral health professionals.  Trainees in our program receive individual guidance from a Black Mental Wellness founder, preparation for applying for and excelling during graduate school, organizational development, and leadership skill development. Throughout the training experience, trainees also receive virtual didactics on a range of topics to expand their knowledge of mental health and behavioral health opportunities.  We are currently looking for entrepreneurs, speakers, mental health professionals, or wellness advocates who are passionate about mental health, to share your knowledge to our trainees through a virtual didactic experience. If you are interested in presenting a virtual didactic to our trainees, please contact 

Mental Health Disparities in the Black Community

Let’s get into Black mental health and why we are here. Black adults are 20% more likely to experience a mental health problem, but less than 5% of psychologists are Black. This disparity highlights the need to increase the number of culturally competent mental health providers and magnifies one of the reasons that many in the Black community hesitate to seek care. As we look more closely at the mental health disparities here are a few additional points to highlight. Did you know that children of color are often misdiagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder or identified as youth with behavior problems because of misunderstandings about cultural differences, biases, and lack of thorough evaluation?  In addition, when compared to Whites, Black adults and youth are less likely to receive treatment for PTSD.  These types of disparities, mistrust of mental health professionals due to misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment, and barriers to care can prevent individuals from seeking treatment and can hinder mental well-being particularly in the Black community. Our website has resources and information to learn more about barriers to care and how we can all get involved to improve access to quality mental health treatment in the Black community.

Normalizing Mental Health and Wellness

Lastly, our team at Black Mental Wellness launched the Authentically Me t-shirt collection as a way to normalize conversations about mental health in the Black community through sharing our personal authentic experiences with mental health and wellness.  Each founder designed a unique shirt (Resilient. My Peace is More Important., Pain. Passion, Purpose., Get Over it. Deal with it.) which is connected to a personal piece of our story. We hope that this collection will continue to motivate and inspire others to share their stories. Shop our collection today and let us know which shirt most relates to your story. 

We enjoyed taking over the Ad Council’s page and participating in #SharetheScope, and we look forward to doing more great work together with Ad Council and Outcome Health in the future. For more information on Black Mental Wellness, visit our website, or email us at


About Black Mental Wellness

Black Mental Wellness is a corporation, founded by clinical psychologists, who through their training and expertise, recognized the need for culturally competent professionals to collaborate and address mental health issues that are prevalent and unique to the experiences of Black people. For more information, visit


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