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Whether it’s been about launching the very first DTC ad in the 90s, debating open commenting on social media in the 2000s, or people questioning the intent and integrity of our industry, healthcare has always been about navigating change and adversity. Today is no exception.

One of my favorite quotes is “stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.”  At Outcome Health we are monitoring the rapidly evolving environment and staying true to who we are as an organization.  We are balancing what we know to be true with the uncertainty ahead.  Regardless of what lies ahead, we know that as humans we want choice, especially when it comes to our healthcare. As healthcare marketers, we need to embrace choice versus being directive of patient and provider behaviors.

The latter is one that we are embracing in our approach to the next chapter at Outcome Health, which we have captured in our new Choices video: 

The Point of Care is comprised of many moments

Spurred by COVID-19 and leaning into the platform that we launched in 2019 with Moments of Care™, Outcome Health accelerated the expansion of our Moments of Care™ Platform which underscores the idea that how, where, and when we access healthcare is changing. There are more choices to consider as to how we access our healthcare, which means that the point of care (POC) space – existing traditionally as the four walls of an HCP’s office and where you physically visit your doctor – is shifting beyond POC rooms, too. 

In parallel, we recognize that what happens at the POC isn’t just about one interaction where a patient and HCP connect at an appointment – it’s about all the moments along the patient journey where they sought care from an HCP. 

Health is personal, local, and about choice

As remote care and monitoring become the norm for how we all will access healthcare, Outcome Health has been – and is – developing solutions that transcend the four walls of the doctor’s office, hospital, and the physical point of care (POC) space. We live in an age where nearly everything for your health is accessible on-demand including virtual visits with your HCP. The point of care is now not only the physical doctor’s office, but it’s also your living room, your car, your computer screen, and your phone screen. In many ways, healthcare is more personal than it’s ever been.

More than ever, healthcare is presenting us with choices about our care – how we access it, the type of care we receive, where we receive it from, and the mediums that are used to deliver it. Everyone’s health journey is going to differ, but what doesn’t change is their need for support throughout their experience.

Why we believe in Moments of Care

With these shifts in the POC, Outcome Health believes that Moments of Care™– the ability to access an HCP in both virtual and physical ways – is what we, at Outcome Health, are focused on and innovating around as we evolve with healthcare. Our solutions are and will be conscious of patient-HCP intersection points and experiences for the new Moments of Care™, which include:

Physical and virtual spaces

Human touch and touch to talk

Us and them

IQ and EQ

Technology and humanity

Staying focused on what we do best…with some innovation

While we are eager to welcome more patients and HCPs back into the rooms of point of care where we’ve always been, Outcome Health is prepared to join them in moments where the living room becomes the exam room or the car becomes the waiting room. At the core of our innovations is one single idea: we all have more choices in how we access our healthcare. 

Yet even with these shifts in our innovation around healthcare, one thing remains true:

At the heart of what we do and how we do it is our goal to be there for patients and HCPs in the moments that matter most.

Healthcare is more dynamic than ever. And so are we.

With the premiere of our Choices video, we are emphasizing our commitment to staying true to who we are as a POC health innovation company while also adapting to our changing world. With that, we are excited to announce our first offering within our new strategy, the OH Virtual Waiting Room™ that will be launched with its first customer this month. The OH Virtual Waiting Room™ contains relevant content that provides education and support, including some of Outcome Health’s original content, similar to what patients would see in the physician’s office. We will continue to evolve our offerings – like the OH Virtual Waiting Room™ – to drive innovation at the Point of Care with our primary focus on supporting the doctor-patient relationship in both the virtual and physical.

We have choices, and Outcome Health intends to be there supporting patients and HCPs in the variety of moments that comprise the new point of care.

Watch Choices. 

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