Greg Reilly, EVP Head of Experience, recently contributed to Med Ad News. Read a summary of his piece below: 

The patient experience can be overwhelming, even more so now that the point-of-care (POC) landscape is changing. POC technology platforms present a number of opportunities to engage with patients, and those opportunities must be tailored to the audience to provide value. At Outcome Health, we continually strive to understand what will improve the patient experience as they move through the physical clinical setting and now virtual points of care with the increased use of telemedicine solutions spurred by COVID-19. Our research and engagement with both patients and HCPs has led to four key takeaways: 

  1. Ask your patients what they want
  2. Context is key
  3. Empathy always wins
  4. Align with Moments of Care

Read Greg’s full piece in Med Ad News here. 


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