Over the past few months, Outcome Health has developed additional tools and enhancements to support the workflow of our healthcare providers and save them time. 

In the current state of the COVID-19 crisis, some of these tools have become particularly valuable as they allow us to remotely support our providers and ensure the health and safety of our first responders as well as our Outcome Health team.

Remote Support

One of these tools is a new self-service Member Portal, now in beta for several of our provider partners. This portal helps medical staff easily request high-value content for their Outcome Health devices (like COVID-19 educational content). It also provides access to materials on how to use and maintain Outcome Health devices. The portal also helps healthcare providers keep track of which devices are in which offices, allowing staff to request device updates online should their needs change.

Optimize every consultation

To save our clinicians valuable time, we’ve improved the search feature on our Exam Room Wallboards. Nurses and physicians can use the search function to locate anatomical models, conditions, and treatments faster by automatically populating search results after a single character is entered. This further eases the provider experience by using predictive technology to serve helpful suggestions when they are searching on our Wallboards.

“Touch-less” capabilities at the point of care

We understand that people are especially concerned about sanitation at the point of care now that COVID-19 has become a reality in our lives. This concern is core to our device and programming design, and always has been. In fact, neither our Waiting Room TV, Exam Room Wallboards, nor Exam Room Tablets require users to touch the devices in order to receive helpful content. Outcome Health devices are designed to display high-relevancy content without any physical interaction required. This “touch-less” content delivery paradigm has been our approach to digital content distribution from the very beginning.

We will continue to evolve our solutions for our HCP partners not only because it’s core to our business as a healthcare innovation company, but also because (and in light of) crises like we are experiencing now. We understand that our innovation and product evolution has a significant impact on how we support our provider community and first responders, whom we are so grateful for, especially in times like these.


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