HealthiNation and Outcome Health support the Moments of Care

This article is written by Heidi Diamond, Amy O’Connor, and Brittany Doohan of HealthiNation, one of Outcome Health’s content partners.

Many of us have left a doctors’ office with some REALLY great news! 

But sometimes we hear news that puts everything into perspective. 

It’s these intimate scenes and moments of care that Outcome Health features in their empathetic campaign, In These Moments. In These Moments takes you on multiple patient journeys: Through the miracle of pregnancy and the anticipation of childbirth for two prospective parents-to-be; through the worry and fear a family experiences when they learn their loved one’s prognosis isn’t good; through the eyes of an antsy young man in the doctor’s waiting room as he’d rather be playing with friends. 

Content That Informs and Inspires

Health touchpoints like these leave patients at a crossroad, with decisions to make, information to share with loved ones and caregivers, and steps to take on their health journey. Outcome Health and HealthiNation are there to inform and inspire patients, so they, and their loved ones can be active members in their care team. We share in Outcome Health’s vision to support patients when they need it most. After the doctor explains what is happening, we, as point of care partners, empower patients to make the right decisions about what’s next

 This information reinforcement comes through short-form patient education videos, which  features content that is helpful and informative. Through our partnership with Outcome Health, we’re able to reach patients across the evolving point of care landscape. Using interviews with leading clinicians and experts, real patient stories, graphics, text, and creative storytelling techniques, video patient education helps consumers from all walks of life envision a path to better health.  

Partnering to Support the Patient Journey

HealthiNation and Outcome Health have a comprehensive content strategy to support every aspect of a patient’s journey toward good health. Whether it’s chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes affecting large segments of the population, rare diseases, or tips and advice about healthy eating and exercise that benefit everyone, our collaboration truly puts “good health in your hands.”

Our recent pandemic has enabled both companies to reach consumers with critical information not just about COVID-19 and its physical symptoms, but how the pandemic can affect mental health. HealthiNation’s Mindful Moments is a new short-form video series that aims to help us cope with emotions that may surface during these trying times. Through Outcome Health’s platform, patients can access all of HealthiNation’s COVID-19 health content as well as HealthiNation’s healthy recipes and fitness video to help them care for body, mind and spirit whether quarantined at home or working on the frontlines. 

It’s that intimate time that a patient has with their physician that makes these HealthiMoments matter the most. Even amid a pandemic, treatments for cancer, diabetes and other diseases don’t stop. While traditional office visits will certainly continue, it’s important that we at HealthiNation strengthen partnerships with innovative leaders, like Outcome Health, who are developing new ways for the point of care to exist outside the walls of the doctor’s office. Outcome Health has done a powerful job showcasing these many moments – their campaign beautifully demonstrates how Outcome Health understands what’s best for patients, caregivers and physicians’ alike. HealthiNation stands at the ready to continue to collaborate on these important strategic initiatives and we take pride in the continuation of our expanded partnership.

Watch In These Moments. 


Written by Heidi J. Diamond, Content Partnerships, Distribution and Amy O’Connor, Editor-in Chief, Brittany Doohan, Director of Content, HealthiNation.

ABOUT HEALTHINATION: HealthiNation is a leading producer and provider of medically accredited, Emmy award-winning health video content.  Content can be found at as well as on HealthiNation’s extended distribution.

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