Outcome Health honors the content partners it works with to support the Moments of CareFrom the home office of CEO Matt McNally: 

We believe it takes a community of experts who are passionate about patient care to create meaningful and compelling patient experiences. At Outcome Health, our mission is to support patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals by delivering critical information at Moments of Care™ — but we don’t do it alone.  We are honored to collaborate with nonprofits, health advocacy groups and partners to create content that connects with patients during vital moments of their health journey.  

Our partners were right in step with us as we transformed Outcome Health’s approach to Point of Care (POC) last Fall, acting in concert with the real, sometimes difficult, sometimes happy, emotions and conversations that occur around Moments of Care™ at the doctor’s office and transcendent of that visit.  We leaned into Moments of Care™ in 2019 while also challenging the POC sector to do the same, because we realize that POC isn’t just about that one interaction where a patient and healthcare professional connect at an appointment.  It’s about all the micro-moments in the patient journey that have lead to that office visit with their HCP, which we captured in the initial In These Rooms video.

This sequel to last year’s well-received In These Rooms campaign has been created expressly to celebrate and thank all of our content partners who help support patient, caregiver, and HCP conversations and moments that happen at the POC.  In These Moments gives a peek into the waiting rooms, exam rooms and infusion rooms where empathetic content is delivered when it’s most needed.   By educating, clarifying, reinforcing and offering solutions, together we deliver immersive and engaging experiences that support and strengthen the provider-patient relationship, contribute to better patient outcomes, and ultimately transform the POC experience.

In today’s COVID-19 reality, POC is as vital as ever.  Treatments for cancer, diabetes and other diseases don’t take a break because of a pandemic.  Patients must continue to focus on their health, adhere to treatment programs, and closely follow the up-to-date guidance of their healthcare professional.  Traditional office visits continue, but the “point of care” existing as the four walls of a doctor’s office is becoming more fluid as remote care is more widely adopted. It’s why Outcome Health’s innovation is focused on supporting the patient journey in both the virtual and physical points of care, including content and channel partners that share this same vision as us. It’s also why this campaign is focused on the partnerships that we have and will continue to build; which are at the core of our network and content programming, and will continue to be as our evolution in Moments of Care™ takes shape.

To that end, Outcome Health is ready to welcome patients and HCPs back to these rooms at the POC where we have always been, as well as join them in moments where the living room becomes the waiting room and exam room. 

Watch In These Moments. 


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