Learn to love your brain and raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease research during the month of June. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are currently 47 million people in the world living with Alzheimer’s Disease and it is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. It is a progressive disease which causes memory loss and a decline in cognitive abilities. As time goes on, patients will lose the ability to have a conversation or interact with their environment. There is no known cause for this disease, but increasing age is seen as a risk factor. There is currently no cure, but there are ways to slow the progression. 


Brain Health Awareness  

It’s never too late to love your brain! Although the cause of Alzheimer’s Disease is unknown, keeping your brain healthy can help prevent any cognitive decline later in life – and there are some easy ways to do it. Engaging in regular exercise and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s later in life. Challenging your brain through reading and playing games can help you stay sharp. Along with many other health benefits, quitting smoking can also greatly reduce your risk of cognitive decline (quitting smoking is a great way to manage heart health too). And don’t forget to sleep! Poor sleep quality can result in problems with memory and other cognitive abilities. Sticking to a good sleep schedule can help keep your mind alert. 

Outcome Health supports Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness month.

To raise awareness for Alzheimer’s, Outcome Health is running informative content like this across its nationwide network.

Wear Purple for Alzheimer’s Awareness 

Show your support for Alzheimer’s awareness by wearing purple during the month of June. Alzheimer’s Disease is at the forefront of biomedical research and there have been new discoveries on how the disease affects the brain. This better understanding will hopefully lead to new approaches to treating Alzheimer’s. Although there is not a cure, treatments have been developed that can help relieve symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. Wearing purple during the month of June can show support for everyone diagnosed with Alzheimer’s as well as their caregivers. 

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