To put it bluntly, the coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. As we navigate new safety procedures and find moments of “normalcy”, there is another impending threat to our healthcare system: the flu. Even though the healthcare community is much more familiar with the influenza virus, its symptoms are similar to COVID-19, making prevention and diagnosis of the flu or COVID-19 an even more critical task.

Accurate and up-to-date information are our biggest weapons against both of these viruses. Outcome Health is committed to ensuring our point-of-care platform delivers such resources so that physicians and patients can access what they must know to stay healthy. 

Patient Education at the Point of Care

Symptoms for the seasonal flu and COVID-19 are alike, so education distinguishing the two viruses is incredibly important. Patient education at the point of care can keep our healthcare system from being overwhelmed. Flu awareness and prevention content is currently playing across Outcome Health’s network of Waiting Room TVs, Exam Room Tablets, and Exam Room Wallboards. Our platform is also running content about hygiene protocols that work to stave off both viruses.

Outcome Health flu season content

Examples of flu awareness and prevention content currently playing across Outcome Health’s point-of-care platform.

Flu Shot Awareness

The flu vaccine provides greatly needed protection from the worst effects of the flu virus, helps shield others, and aids in recovery. Healthcare professionals should leverage Outcome Health’s point-of-care content platform to inform and support flu shot awareness. 

Flu shot awareness

Outcome Health partners with Unity Consortium to bring their important messages about vaccination and immunization to physician practices and health systems across the country. In an article in DTC Perspectives, Judy Klein, President of Unity Consortium, stressed that all young people should get their flu shots to protect themselves, their families and their communities. “This year especially, when our healthcare system is already under such burden and stress due to COVID-19, people must prioritize getting their flu shot.”

Last year, Outcome Health worked with Ethan Lindenberger, a vaccination advocate. After being raised in a vaccination-free household, he has spent the past few years speaking out about the importance of vaccinations and dispelling misinformation on social media, which is especially relevant now. 

Relieving Physician Stress and Burnout

COVID-19 is greatly amplifying physician burnout. A recent Sermo survey revealed that 92% of healthcare professionals have felt burnt out because of their job and nearly 75% say the pandemic has exacerbated their sense of burnout among themselves and their colleagues. These overwhelming statistics prompted Outcome Health to launch “Who Saves Me?” to bring awareness to healthcare worker burnout.  “Who Saves Me?” also offers tools and resources from Mental Health America to those who need them. In addition to this campaign, Outcome Health will utilize its point-of-care platform to provide content resources for disease and condition management throughout flu season. Giving patients access to trusted information will help ease some of the burden faced by HCP’s treating the flu in the midst of a pandemic. 

As the country battles both the pandemic and the flu, the leadership of healthcare professionals has never been more important. Outcome Health is here to ensure healthcare professionals can reach patients and caregivers with critical information when it is needed most.  


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