Zero Cancer and Outcome Health support the Moments of CareThis article is written by Ilana Ostrin, Director of Communications at ZERO – the End of Prostate Cancer, one of Outcome Health’s content partners.

“How much longer will my treatment be delayed?” “Am I in danger?” “What will happen if I lose my job and health insurance?” “I need someone to talk to.” “I need help finding a telemedicine appointment.” 

These are just a few examples of the many responses ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer received when we surveyed our community at the very beginning of this COVID-19 crisis. These, along with many other heartbreaking entries, communicate the wide-reaching and devastating effects this outbreak is having on the prostate cancer patients and their families.

During these difficult times, ZERO is especially grateful to have a partner like Outcome Health, who can help connect patients to ZERO’s many direct support services during a time of urgent need. As seen in Outcome Health’s new video, In These Moments, the partnership between ZERO and Outcome Health is critical for not only bettering, but saving, lives. 

In our survey, we found that more than 50% of the prostate cancer community fears financial impacts including losing their jobs and health insurance, making ends meet, and paying for costly treatments. Unfortunately, more and more patients are facing this harrowing dilemma. And sadly, many patients often have no one to talk to. More than 60% are anxious, overwhelmed, and in need of emotional support

To combat the many negative impacts patients are facing, ZERO has free resources specifically to address prostate cancer and COVID-19. Whether someone is worried about being able to afford treatments, losing health insurance, putting treatment on hold because of stay-at-home orders, or even just feeling isolated because of social distancing and looking for someone to talk to, ZERO is here to help. Our support programs are free for patients and families who need assistance in getting through this tough time.

ZERO patient support programs and resources include:

ZERO360 Comprehensive Patient Support: Get FREE live assistance from experienced case managers, ready to help patients and families during this COVID-19 crisis to provide access to financial assistance, debt relief, insurance navigation, and benefits enrollment. Visit the ZERO360 website or call (844) 244-1309.

ZERO Connect: Join our online Facebook group to get support from a community of patients and caregivers nationwide who have been impacted by prostate cancer.

ZERO MENtor: If you are a patient who is looking for one-on-one peer support, visit to get matched with an individual MENtor who can provide personal guidance and counsel.

Caregiver Connector: ZERO’s newly launched program, Caregiver Connector, is here to help caregivers in this time of increased isolation. Caregiver Mentors can offer their experiences and insights to help caregivers care for themselves and their loved ones.

COVID-19 Updates and ResourcesZERO is frequently updating our website with timely information and resources regarding COVID-19 to help the prostate cancer community through this difficult time. Access webinars, videos, FAQs, and more. 

Trusted healthcare partners like ZERO and Outcome Health are here to serve communities of patients and families today and every day, especially during this crisis. ZERO and its patient support programs can be a lifeline for prostate cancer patients and families who have been impacted by the pandemic crisis. Learn more at

Watch In These Moments. 


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