The tablets offer new features that guide patients through treatment with support resources, empathy and entertainment

CHICAGO, March 08, 2018 – Outcome Health, the health intelligence technology leader that is revolutionizing patient care, today announced the release of the next generation of its Infusion Room Tablet (IRT), a flagship product in the Outcome Health line of products that empower patients at the moment of care. The IRT is designed to assist oncology patients during treatment, creating a more positive experience during lengthy infusions.

“The next generation of Infusion Room Tablets is state-of-the-art and provides more features to make oncology patients more comfortable during treatment,” says Nandini Ramani, Chief Operating Officer of Outcome Health. “Oncology patients often spend up to three hours getting a single treatment, and our new tablets will provide content that helps them pass the time in a more comforting, informative and inspirational way.”

The updated IRTs feature more customizable content, including the ability for providers to share information about the clinic, available clinical trials, condition education, treatment resources, surveys, custom links and more. They also contain a wealth of inspiration and entertainment options, including patient success stories, meditation resources and popular movies. Other new features, such as a “topic selector” button and clearly labeled advertisements, increase ease of use for both clinics and patients.

“As a cancer survivor, the support resources featured on the Infusion Room Tablets play a major role in a patient’s journey by empowering them to be more engaged and successfully complete their treatments,” says Jonny Imerman, founder of Imerman Angels, a non-profit organization providing one-to-one support for cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers. “Whether it’s through meditation exercises, having access to condition information or watching a movie, Outcome Health’s IRT helps support cancer patients through every aspect of their experience.”

“These cutting-edge tablets build on the success of the first-generation Outcome Health IRTs, which are currently deployed in over 650 clinics across the country,” says Andrew Hotle, Product Manager at Outcome Health. “Cancer treatment can be an incredibly difficult experience, both physically and emotionally, and we’re proud to release a product that guides patients through the experience with empathy and positivity.”

“The new interface has been redesigned to be truly patient-centric,” says Michael Gunn, Head of Product Experience at Outcome Health. “We worked with a sample of patients to improve usability and overall experience, while being sensitive to their needs while they spend extended periods of time within the infusion room.” The updated interface uses clear and concise language that speaks directly to the patient, helping them understand what to expect when using the device, how it works, and where to find more information.

With significant improvements to data analytics and reporting, the IRT is now BPA-approved and setting the standard for Outcome Health’s devices. The IRTs are part of the company’s health intelligence platform, a BPA-certified network of more than 152,000 digital devices including waiting room screens, exam and infusion room tablets, exam room wallboards and Wi-Fi access in more than 41,000 physician offices across the country.


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Outcome Health is a healthcare innovation company reinventing the point of care to facilitate better outcomes for patients, their loved ones, and healthcare professionals. Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations, health advocacy groups, leading content creators and brand sponsors, Outcome Health makes critical moments more impactful by bringing educational content into the physician’s office. Our BPA-certified digital network spans waiting, exam and infusion rooms across the country, serving relevant content when it’s most needed.

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