"How getting paid to not work energized me to work harder."

We all have connections to healthcare

As Outcome Health employees, we have the power to truly transform the point of care experience for our loved ones and for ourselves.

"I have an innate desire to help. My career here at Outcome has exposed me to the intricacies of the healthcare system and what we as a technology company can do to support patient and doctor relationships."

Maritza UrendaMedia Operations Associate, employee since 2014

"When you work in health tech, you have the opportunity to create an exponential effect in the marketplace in terms of the amount of good that you can do."

Glenn KeighleyVP Product & Software, employee since 2017

"Having access to information at the point of care is so critical because it allows patients, like my mom, to feel empowered to ask questions every time they’re with their doctor."

Hetal ShahPartnership Coordinator, employee since 2018

Our Values

Our values represent who we are, what we believe in and how we approach our work. As our company evolves and grows, we refer to our values to guide our actions and outcomes.

Assume positive intent

Own it

Better together

We “Activate Good”

At Outcome Health, we “Activate Good” – in our unique roles and in the world around us. We support each Outcome Activator’s passions to help them fulfill their purpose.

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We are positioned to do great things in health.
Let’s build a better outcome together.

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