Outcome Health Announces New Provider Partnership with United Rheumatology

NEW YORK – June 8, 2017 – Outcome Health, which partners with healthcare providers to serve actionable health intelligence at the moment of care to improve patient outcomes, today announced that it has partnered with United Rheumatology. Through this preferred partnership, Outcome Health will deliver digital health information from United Rheumatology to its member providers within Outcome Health’s network of outpatient facilities and across existing United Rheumatology practices.

“Rheumatology providers who are well-informed and with the most up-to-date information in their practices are positioned to improve practice efficiencies, and deliver better health outcomes to patients,” said Dr. Max Hamburger, Founder and Executive Chairman of United Rheumatology. “Our organization believes that the physician-patient relationship is stronger when both patients and physicians have access to credible, actionable health intelligence. Outcome Health’s platform offers United Rheumatology an unique opportunity to deliver credible, patient-centered rheumatology information from our organization to these rheumatologists in an engaging and effective way – right before and during the consultation.”

In addition to the delivery of United Rheumatology’s digital information to relevant offices, United Rheumatology members will have the option to link their patient portal sign-up to Outcome Health’s interactive consultation room technologies. Physicians in these practices can also receive insights and analytics on how patients and providers are engaging with the interactive information.

About United Rheumatology

United Rheumatology is the pre-eminent service organization optimizing the practice of independent rheumatologists on behalf of patients. Founded in 2014, and with over 370 members in 29 U.S. states, United Rheumatology helps rheumatologists advance the standard of care, strengthen the doctor-patient relationship, and manage the challenges of preserving an independent rheumatology practice.

Media Contact:
United Rheumatology
(631) 656-7199

About Outcome Health

Outcome Health’s mission is to activate the best health outcome possible for every person in the world through technologies that change behavior to positively shape the human condition. The company serves health information and health intelligence during critical moments of care to enable patients and physicians to make the best healthcare decision possible.
Outcome Health has offices in Chicago and New York City, and partners with large healthcare systems, private physician practices, medical associations, global life sciences companies as well as pharmacies and payers.

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