Chris Barakat, Senior Vice President at BetterConsult, has dedicated much of his career to understanding how to ease the administrative burden on healthcare professionals. In 2016, he helped found BetterConsult so that providers can spend more time doing the work they love.

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People go into medicine to help others. Having spent endless hours in Operating Rooms, I’ve seen first-hand how doctors treat every patient like they are the most important person in the world. The meticulous attention to each patient’s unique health journey is what makes medicine so human-centered and why doctors gain satisfaction from their chosen profession.

Yet we live in world focused on payments, documentation, and a host of KPIs; therefore, administrative work is also part of a healthcare worker’s responsibility. Dr. Rajat Bhatt, a prominent Rheumatologist in Houston (and one of BetterConsult’s first users in the US) said, “When I have the chance to provide patients context and properly speak to them about the pros and cons of treatment, patients manage really well. It is extremely frustrating when time restricts me from giving my patients the attention I know they need.” (Read more from Dr. Bhatt here.) How can doctors achieve their business goals without sacrificing building connections with their patients?  

Physician Burnout and EHRs

Before COVID, the “burnout” experienced by healthcare professionals was primarily due to the documentation required after every patient visit. Having built a successful Australian health-tech company where we spent years improving the clinical efficiency between patients and providers, our customers told us what to solve for next: 

Help us cut down on documentation and time spent on the “discovery” process with patients.

Our research indicated that this is a huge problem in the US. At HIMSS 2018, a representative from the American Medical Association spoke about physician burnout and the archaic and expensive recommendations to help providers and health systems. At that point, we made a business decision to build a US-centric solution to help providers gradually move away from some of the monotonous tasks, so they can focus on their purpose.

Supporting the HCP-Patient Relationship with Patient Intake Forms

BetterConsult was created by bringing together physician knowledge, expert developers and a team with a proven track record for building technology to improve patient consultations. BetterConsult uncovers patient concerns before their visit through a questionnaire that integrates with appointment reminder workflows.

Patient Intake Solution

Patients can complete their BetterConsult questionnaire on their own time for both virtual and in-person consultations. BetterConsult uses the patient’s input to outline their clinical concerns, ensuring the doctor addresses their needs.

BetterConsult is used for remote & in-person visits. It enables providers and care teams to plan for each patient visit while simultaneously cutting down on documentation. BetterConsult supports patients by walking them through a simple form that catalogs their symptoms, conditions, tests, and medications that their HCP can review before the consultation. BetterConsult also offers varying workflows for new patients, existing patients and regular patients. 

patient intake solution records

The patient’s answers to the questionnaire generates the HCP notes.

We continue to receive positive feedback from the healthcare teams who’ve implemented BetterConsult (85% of doctors surveyed reported having their expectations met or exceeded). Since implementing BetterConsult, Dr. Bhatt said, “The biggest value is the additional time and attention I can provide to my patients. I know that ahead of the consultation, patients have thoughtfully expressed their concerns, so when we are together we focus our time on solutions.”

Patient Engagement at the Point of Care

BetterConsult chose to partner with Outcome Health because we believe in their mission. Outcome Health is focused on delivering relevant and contextualized information to both HCPs and patients in the Moments of Care of the health journey, and our patient intake solution helps to personalize each patient’s visit. Outcome Health’s network is vast and wide; together we can help HCPs achieve their career’s purpose and patients can derive even more value from their time with their provider.

If you’re an existing Outcome Health customer, BetterConsult is available to you at no charge. Schedule a meeting to bring BetterConsult to your practice or health system. 

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