Partnering with Outcome Health shows that you are committed to providing your patients the best possible clinical experience. In the upcoming months, we will release a series of articles to help you get the most out of your Outcome Health platform. Here’s what you can expect to learn from us: 

The Outcome Health Experience at the Moments of Care

For those needing a refresher, Outcome Health delivers immersive and engaging experiences that support and strengthen the HCP-patient relationship, contribute to better outcomes, and ultimately transform the point of care (POC) experience. Every week, we engage over 19 million patients and their caregivers across our network of more than 36K physician practices and ~130K devices both in and outside of the doctor’s office. Through a unique combination of technology and content, we bring experiences to the point of care through partnerships with health advocacy leaders, physicians, and some of the world’s largest entertainment and media companies. Our content ecosystem educates, empowers, puts patients and caregivers in the right mindset and lifts their spirits – when it matters most. 

Leverage Outcome Health as a Patient Communication Platform

Many of our customers are maximizing their Outcome Health platform by using our devices to further communicate with their patients. Independent practices are creating custom content to make patients aware of important announcements and updates to reinforce information they need to know. Mid to large healthcare and hospital systems have found Outcome Health’s platform to be an effective way to distribute centralized messaging, important safety updates, and even messages of gratitude to their providers and front line staff, especially during the pandemic. Email learn how these applications can drive more value for your practice or system.

Patient Communication Platform

The Wallboard can serve as a patient communication platform.

Updated Resources to Support the Point of Care

In addition to custom content, we’ve developed tools and enhancements to support the HCP workflow which have become especially critical amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Outcome Health devices are designed to display high-relevancy content without any physical interaction required. (This “touch-less” content delivery paradigm has been our approach to digital content distribution from the very beginning.)

We recognize that the needs of our provider partners and your patient communities have changed in recent months as we all join the fight against COVID-19. We at Outcome Health understand that having access to accurate and reliable information can have a massive impact on health outcomes, which is why we’ve made all of the coronavirus content playing across our network free to download from our website. We invite you to share these assets with your networks and communities.

If you’re in a position to see your patients in-person, make sure you’re leveraging your Outcome Health devices to improve the patient experience. After receiving feedback from our provider partners, we’ve added more anatomical models to the Exam Room Wallboard. There are over 100 new models to choose from!

3D Anatomical ModelsChoices to Support the Changing Healthcare Landscape

Spurred by COVID-19, Outcome Health accelerated the expansion of our Moments of Care™ Platform which underscores the idea that how, where, and when we access healthcare is changing. There are more choices to consider as to how we access our healthcare, which means that the POC space – existing traditionally as the four walls of an HCP’s office – is shifting beyond POC rooms, too. Now, the POC can be your living room, your car, your computer screen, and your phone screen – and Outcome Health has adapted to support these choices we now have. In our latest offering, the OH Virtual Waiting Room™ contains relevant content that provides education and support, including some of Outcome Health’s original content, similar to what patients would see on the Waiting Room TV in the physician’s office. (Read more about the OH Virtual Waiting Room.) As healthcare evolves, we are too. 

To learn more about any of the product offerings, features, or content partnerships in this article, email, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or call Customer Care at (800) 235 – 4930. 


Want to support patients during the most important moments of their health journey? Bring Outcome Health to your practice. 

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