Outcome Health and Headspace support the Moments of CareThis article is written by Crystal Small, a Senior Copywriter at Headspace, one of Outcome Health’s content partners.

Now and always, it’s important for everyone to care for themselves in whatever ways they need to — and that can be as simple as taking a few minutes out of the day to recharge, reflect, and refresh.

Headspace has partnered with Outcome Health to help patients find those moments of care throughout the day with mindfulness and meditation. Because even though our daily lives are quickly changing, our vision for supporting patients at every point remains the same.

Here are a few ways Headspace can help patients show themselves care and kindness anytime that’s right for them, whether they’re in a doctor’s waiting room or their own living rooms.

Reducing stress

Stress can take a toll on the body — but mindfulness and meditation can reduce it and help the body respond better to tough situations. So no matter what happens, patients can learn to find a sense of space and peace.

Managing anxiety

For many people, doctor visits can bring up feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. But mindfulness and meditation can help them recognize those feelings and let them go, rather than letting them get stuck — so patients can feel less stressed during appointments.

Getting a good night’s rest

Healthy sleep habits can help lower stress levels and clear the mind during the day, which can lead to better eating habits and an overall sense of well-being. Meditating with Headspace prepares the body to rest, so racing thoughts don’t prevent a good night’s sleep.

It is important to remember that during these times, people still have ongoing treatments for cancer and other chronic illnesses. Mindfulness and meditation can be a vital part of a patient’s journey, and Headspace and Outcome Health are working to make it available when they need it most.

From mini-meditations to relax the mind before doctor visits, to soothing audio to listen to during infusions, to courses designed to deepen the practice, Headspace continues to work with Outcome Health to bring moments of care to all — no matter where those moments might be.

Learn more about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation at headspace.com

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