When patients visit their doctor, they expect to see a friendly and familiar face. During this coronavirus crisis, it is now harder for doctors and healthcare professionals to provide something as simple as a smile to their patients. In order to stay safe from infection, HCPs must wear gowns and masks which obscure most of their face. They are virtually unrecognizable and it has become harder for them to make a personal connection with their patients during an already challenging time.

Respiratory therapist Robertino Rodriguez wanted patients to see his face while he treated them in the ER, so he came up with a solution: he took a picture of himself, laminated it, and taped it to the front of his protective gown. Now, everyone can see his smiling face even though it is covered by a mask and face shield. He can make a personal connection with his patients because they are now able to recognize him and see who is treating them.

HCP selfie badge

This solution is an easy way for doctors and healthcare professionals to show their smiling faces to patients even while covered by PPE. We have made it easy for you to do the same – download the template below to create your own selfie badge. Just fill in your name, upload a picture, then print and laminate it. Tape it to your protective gown and show your smile to everyone you meet. As Robertino learned, this small gesture can make a big difference to someone who is in need.

Download template here.

If you do create a selfie badge for yourself, be sure to post a photo to your social media channels using the hashtag #shareyoursmile and join the movement. 

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