Verywell and Outcome Health support the Moments of Care

This article is written by Rob Parisi, SVP & GM at Verywell, one of Outcome Health’s content partners.

During these scary and uncertain times, people have been taken out of their routines at best, and suffered physically and emotionally at worst. Empathy in the health space is more important now than ever before.

At Verywell, we have always focused not just on credibility, but on empathy too.  It is who we are.  We don’t stop at just making accurate health information available and accessible.  We take great care in making sure people feel confident, learn and take action regarding the very complicated topics we cover.

Right now, our emphasis is squarely on COVID-19. We want to make sure our readers stay safe by staying informed. During this crisis, people with chronic health conditions still have ongoing treatments that cannot be put on hold. While these in-person visits continue, it is important that we are partnered with innovative leaders, like Outcome Health, who are creating new ways to expand the point of care beyond the exam room. We have provided up to the minute content on what to do in a pandemic, who is most at risk, and specific actions people can take to avoid exposure.   We have been cognizant of how hard this has been on one’s mental health, and special challenges for those raising families.  We also want people to realize it is OK to be scared, and even doctors are searching for answers in their own lives.

Outcome Health shares our passion for empathy and the vision to support patients when they need it most. They reach people at the Moment of Care – a time when one’s health is their only priority. It is tremendously valuable for patients to be exposed to Verywell’s message during this critical time. Through content that is helpful and informative, we’re able to reach patients in both the physical and virtual points of care.

This is true not only for today, when COVID-19 is dominating the news, but also when we return to some type of normalcy.  We look forward to being able to shift our focus back to helping people manage their health in a way that is true to who we are – by informing, teaching, inspiring, and helping people take action.  A great example of this is our ankylosing spondylitis video, which is featured in Outcome Health’s In These Moments.

Watch In These Moments. 


About Rob Parisi, MBA

Rob Parisi is SVP & GM at Verywell. Rob has over 15 years of experience in digital media and has served in senior financial and operational positions with Dotdash and its predecessor companies since 2008. Prior to joining Dotdash, he held positions at WebMD Health and Arthur Andersen LLP. In 2016, he led the team responsible for conceptualizing and launching Verywell, which has since won top industry awards including best redesign and consumer health brand.

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