“What if we could just walk in with the patient?”

With Outcome Health, you can.

In the office, patients are…

More likely to ask their doctor about an ad they saw

asked for a prescription for a specific medication

After the office visit, patients are…

More likely to fill their prescription

More likely to take the medication as prescribed

Target a brand message around a Point of
Care strategy with PageScience

Reach patients that have recently been to an
HCP office or had a telemedicine visit.

High quality content on web pages is matched to patient online search behavior and recency of HCP and/or pharmacy visit.* HCPs may be targeted via NPI number using PageScience.

*POC office is part of Outcome Health Network.

Bring broad awareness with the Waiting Room TV

The waiting room is the entry point to the point of care experience for your audience.

Life Science brands have 2 minutes of airtime per hour and lifestyle brands have 1 min.* It’s best to have an ad that you can play multiple times in an hour to reach as many patients and caregivers as possible.

*Different terms can be negotiated.

Reach high intent patients at or near the doctors’ offices with Patient Wi-Fi

Provides internet access in waiting rooms*. Office targeting reaches consumers with a banner ad within your target locations.

*In certain smaller offices, wi-fi may reach into exam rooms as well.

Fresh printed editorial content with the Waiting Room Poster

Prominent, framed editorials with an option to feature a sponsored 12” x 16” ad (portrait or landscape). Distribute literature/printed materials in attached holder and promote the rest of your campaign.

Bring your patients and HCPs together with the Exam Room Wallboard 2.0 (New in 2018) 

On average, your ad appears at least every 6 minutes

New Updates in 2018:

  • Attract Mode was updated based on HCP and patient feedback to be able to navigate slides (swiping) as well as have a clear path to start a session (“Touch To Start” button)
  • Addition of the White Board feature (requested by over 700 clinics in 2017)
  • Addition of home screen and search functionality providing and easier and quicker path for HCPs to find and select content to discuss with patients

Educate patients with relevant videos on the Exam Room Tablet

Interactive tablet with in-depth, tailored health relevant content. Sponsored banner/video clicks through to engage consumers in a controlled experience.

Provide extra comfort and relief with the Infusion Room Tablet 2.0 (New in 2018)

New Updates in 2018:

  • Helped clinic staff promote the devices for patients use by putting clear language on the UI that says “For Patients”
  • We saw an 88% increase in sessions per device 3 months after the release of this feature.

Want to see your brand at the point of care?

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